How to find an Item:

From the home page of the there are two ways to find what you are looking for:

Option #1: You can use the category product links on the left side of any page. These links will take you to different categories & sub-categories of all the merchandise we have on our site.

Option #2: You can use our Search Box which is located at the top of all of the pages of our website. 

How to Buy an Item:

Buying from is Easy, 100% Secure and Fun. (please click here for full information about our Secure Website) .  To order an item you will have to click the "Add to Basket" Button.  This button adds the item to your shopping cart. Putting something in your shopping cart does not commit you to buying it. After you put something in your basket, you can choose to place the order immediately, or continue shopping if you wish to purchase more. You can put as many items as you want in your shopping basket. When you're finished adding the desired items to your basket and want to place the order, you can go to the "Checkout" screen (Top Right Corner of any page) and this will start the process to finalize your order.  Help Instructions are found on each page of the Checkout Process.

Quick Notes:
- You must be over the age of 18 to place an order on our site.
- You can View your Basket Contents at any time by Clicking the "Basket" Menu located at the top right of any screen
- The Basket Menu will allow you to change quantity or remove items in your basket

Payments Accepted:

We accept most forms of payment through our website:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Amazon Payments, Check & Money Orders.

Ordering by Mail:

Don't have a credit card or Don't want to use your credit card. You can order by mail

We have an easy to use Mail In OrderForm Page that you can print and fill in the information to mail us a Check or Money order. 

Problems Ordering:

If you have any problems ordering on our website please let us know right away and we will correct any problems. If you are having problems with pages not loading while Browsing, Ordering or Using Checkout it could be because there are to many people accessing the page at once, you may want to try again in a few minutes or at a later time.  

This website is best viewed with the most current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers.

Gift Certificates:

Not sure what to buy? How about a Gift Certificate?
We offer 3 different gift certificates in the amounts of $10.00, $25.00 & $100.00. Gift Certificates do not expire.
After your purchase is made you will receive a Gift Certificate "Code" that will entitle you to use a Gift Certificate for a later date. We will send your Gift Certificate "Code" by Email and by Regular Mail.

To use your Gift Certificate all you have to do is fill in the "Code" during the Checkout while processing your order. The amount will be adjusted automatically from your order. If you have money left over it will be saved and you can use the remainder at a later date.
You can purchase multiples Gift Certificates and use multiple Gift Certificates on the same order. If you forget or lose your "Code" for any reason you can send us an email and we will ask for appropriate information to retrieve your "Code".

Coupon Codes:

We do offer Coupon codes for Discounts or Free Items. If you have received a coupon code either by placing a previous order or by a special advertised on our email list, you may enter it during the Checkout process.  We do offer all different sorts of Coupon Codes including, Percentages off Orders, Free Items, Free Shipping, or a Certain Dollar amount off your Order.  Coupon Codes are to be entered during Checkout on the Shipping & Payment page.

Items on Special:

We always have items on special available for Free or at a Discounted price. We advertise these specials on our website, in our email lists or sometimes we just have them available while you checkout without advertising them.  When you are placing an order and going to the Checkout Page you will see a specific page with our Specials. This is our specials page (almost every order qualifies for specials). We generally have anywhere from 1 to sometimes 12 or more items available for special.  Our specials can change daily or weekly depending on the items available.

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Please let us know if you have any problems or concerns regarding any of the information above.