Pokemon Cards - Black & White - GREEN TORNADO - Theme Deck

Pokemon Cards - Black & White - GREEN TORNADO - Theme Deck
Pokemon Trading Card Game Black and White. GREEN TORNADO Theme Deck is brand new and factory sealed.

This Deck Contains:
- 60 Pokemon Card Deck (including holographic card)
- 1 Metallic coin
- 1 Checklist
- 1 Deckbox
- 1 2-Player Playmat/Rulesheet
- Damage Counters
- Contains 1 Code Card. (This card gives you access to an additional deck for play in the Pokemon TCG Online Trainer Challenge.
Complete Deck List is as follows:
Serperior x 2
Servine x 3
Snivy x 4
Pansage x 2
Petilil x 2
Deerling x 2
Sawsbuck x 1
Musharna x 1
Munna x 2
Scolipede x 1
Whirlipede x 2
Venipede x 2
Patrat x 2
Audino x 2
Energy Search x 2
Potion x 2
Energy Retrieval x 2
Poke Ball x 2
Pokemon Communication x 2
Professor Juniper x 2
Revive x 2
Grass Energy x 10
Psychic Energy x 8

Back of the deck Reads:
This deck contains 1 complete 60-card deck.
Many of the cards exist in multiples to provide a more enjoyable playing experience.
All Green Tornado theme decks contain the same cards. This package contains everything you need to play the game. Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokemon cards to play.
Recommended for players ages 10 and up.

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Play the Green Tornado theme deck to blow away the opposition while sheltering your own Pokemon with Superior's Leaf Storm attack! Then, bring Sawsbuck into the action and overwhelm your opponent's Pokemon with its "the greener, the meaner" Nature Power attack! And if your opponents can weather the storm with tough Pokemon, let them ride it out in peaceful slumbers with Musharna's Hypnotic Ray attack! With the Green Tornado theme deck, will you whirl your way to victory?

A new generation of Pokemon has arrived! The Pokemon Trading Card Game: Black & White expansion brings you a legion of over 70 new Pokemon from the newly explored Unova region, including the Legendary Reshiram and Zekrom, both featuring never-before-seen art that covers the ENTIRE card! The Pokemon TCG: Black & White expansion is your gateway to a bigger Pokemon world!

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