Pokemon Cards - HS Triumphant - ROYAL GUARD - Theme Deck

Pokemon Cards - HS Triumphant - ROYAL GUARD - Theme Deck
Pokemon Trading Card Game Heart Gold Soul Silver Triumphant ROYAL GUARD Theme Deck is brand new and factory sealed.

This Deck Contains:
- 60 Pokemon Card Deck (including holographic card)
- 1 Metallic coin
- 1 Rulebook/Cardlist
- 1 Player Playnmat
- Damage Counters
- 1 Bonus Booster Pack
- 1 Deckbox
- Bonus Poster

Complete Deck List is as follows:
Nidoking x 2
Nidorino x 2
Nidoran x 4
Machamp x 1
Machoke x 2
Machop x 2
Marowak x 2
Cubone x 2
Grumpig x 1
Spoink x 2
Haunter x 2
Gastly x 2
Banette x 1
Shuppet x 2
Skorupi x 2
Energy Exchanger x 2
Interviewer's Questions x 2
Life Herb x 2
Poke Ball x 2
Professor Elm's Training Method x 2
Professor Oak's New Theory x 1
Twins x 2
Fighting Energy x 10
Psychic Energy x 8

Back of the deck Reads:
This deck contains 1 complete 60-card deck.
Many of the cards exist in multiples to provide a more enjoyable playing experience.
All Royal Guard theme decks contain the same cards. This package contains everything you need to play the game. each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokemon cards to play.
Recommended for players ages 10 and up.

Expand your Pokemon Trading card game collection with "10 Additional Game Cards" booster packs.

Let Nidoking lead from the front and unleash it's devastating Venomous Horm attack to punish and poison your foe's Pokemon! Then, bring the opposition to it's knees as Machamp steps up to deliver your crowning achievement with its majestic Hundred Furious Punches attack...And, if revolution is in the air, the Twins Supporter card will help crush any challenge to your sovereignty by rewarding you with extra cards! Will your rule be absolute with the Royal Guard theme deck?

The Goal of every battle, the pride of every trainer...
Battle for the excitement, for the challenge...and for the victory! In the Pokemon Trading Card Game: HS - Triumphant expansion, you'll find what you need to put triumph within your reach. Palkia and Dialga combine as an incredible Pokemon LEGEND. Machamp, Gengar, and a half-dozen other powerful Pokemon appear for the first as Pokemon Prime. New Trainer, Supporter, and Stadium cards - plus a new special Energy card - give you new strategies and deck ideas. The only thing missing is a trainer who battles to win and that's you!

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